One of my creations, the golden "Cibula"(c)Juli 2008.
Perlnaofe-technique, needle tatting with beads.

Eine meiner neuen Perlnaofe-Kreationen, die goldene "Cibula". Ausgestellt auf der internationalen Occhi-Ausstellung in Achern.

International tatting-exhibition in Achern , sept.2008 !

More pictures can be found here:
(achern /impressionen/2008)

and here: http://de.ph.groups.yahoo.com/group/Occhi/photos/view/86f6?b=19
(picture in "Fotos/Gerlindes Galerie")


  1. Oh, is that tatting I see? How lovely!!! I hope you don't mind...I bloghopped over here from Yarnplayer's blog. So many lovely things to see here! You are VERY talented with the beads and tatting. :)

  2. Hallo tatting chic, thank you so much comming to my blog! I am so sorry I didn't see all the comments before! I hope it will work now. Thank you so much for your complements!!! My head is full of ideas, lets see when I have time to let them all out ^^!
    Happy tatting!


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