my new pattern for spring

Diesen neuen Anhänger muss ich Euch unbedingt zeigen! Mit Schiffchen und der Techink Malteser-Ring habe ich diese kleinen "Malteser-Daisy-Blümchen" entworfen und unter anderem dieses Muster "Marit" für Ohringe, Ketten und Anhänger designt! Es hat solchen Spass gemacht und ich bin so gespannt, wie er Euch gefällt!
Liebe Grüße in den Abend 
von Guni

I have to show this new pendant to you!! With shuttle and the technique of the maltese-ring I desighned these cute little "Maltese-Daisy-Flowers" and felt into love with them. Beside others I designed this pattern "Marit" for earings, necklaces and pendants! It has been soo much fun for me and I am so excited to hear how you like it!
With love in the eveneing
yours Guni


  1. I see a brand new blog in the making! Hahahah!

    Good luck. I hope the mail is quick in your corner of the world. Welcome to TangleWorld!
    Fox : )

  2. Thnak you so much! Email arrived in my corner! But how could you see it in your corner so quickly, I am still thinking about it...,seperating my craftings in seperate blogs, not just with labes, not sure yet, ... this is worth a new tangle "corners of the world", ready for a challenge? ;-))
    And just so: how do you like Marit? ;-))


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