Marit - Spring Blue Earing

Darf ich vorstellen, meine blaue Version des Ohrings Marit! Es macht einfach so viel Spaß. Ich "stricke" an der Anleitung in englsich und deutsch, die sollte bald fertig sein und zu den Testknotern gehen!
Immer eine Perle auf dem Faden, liebe Grüße von Gunhild
Tadahh, here is my blue version! I am "knitting" on the pattern in English and German, has to be ready soon to go to the testtatters!
Always a bead on the thread, with love from Gunhild


  1. Ah, your perfect clunies!
    Fox : ))

  2. Thank you, I try my very best ;-))But... I realy found a trick, perfect for me, from one second to the other!I want to share that with you, will make a seperate post for that.... time.. where are u??... in .....le-land^^

  3. The blog is back - again! I get stressed because my zentangles are so BAD!

    Here is the link you want for the publication. I also answered you on tat-ology, but wanted to be sure...


    Thanks for the visit and the comments.
    Fox : ))

  4. Looks great! I didn't know you had a blog, lovely to see you here, we met in Horstmar last year. You tought me a great deal about needle tatting, and I've already made a few of your patterns. Greetings from Holland! Love, Corina

  5. Hallo Corina, thank you so much for your nice comment and visiting my blog! Come and meet me in Horstmar again, this year 2./3.6.12? I will visit to your blog next time also.
    Happy tatting for today!


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