Greetings with heart
Herzliche Grüße

shuttle tatted open pearl tatting Altin Bazak #50
Schiffchenspitze mit Altin Bazak #50

This wonderful "elegant heart" it shuttle tatted using 3 shuttles with "open pearl tatting". It is designed by Mark Myers (c)2009  Elegant Heart. Depending on how to pull the corethread you may form different ways, the second one was my frist trial :)) Hiding 6 threadends was a litte tricky, so I decided to make a little bow.  Has anybody outthere tried this heart before?
Cordial greetings Gunhild 

Dieses wunderschöne "Elegante Herz" wird in der Technik "open pearl tatting" gearbeitet, mit 3 Schiffchen, designed von Elegant Heart Mark Myers (c) 2009. Je nachdem, wie man den Kernfaden zieht, kann man dem Herz verschiedene Formen geben. Das untere war der erste Versuch :)) Die 6 Fadenenden habe ich mit dieser kleinen Schleife versteckt. Hat jemand von Euch diese Herz schon einmal geknotet?
Herzliche Grüße Gunhild


  1. Very nice work! It's a tricky pattern!

    I have tried this heart before. It became a gift to a friend. Actually, I too made more than one: the first was to learn Pearl tatting technique; the second, to start at the top at the "cleavage" to make hiding ends easier; and the third to give away. I must make another one that I can have a picture of!

  2. ...thank you, Melanie, good idea to start in the middle...I will give it a try, as I like this pattern very much:)...could atleast make a bow in the middle...
    regarding Mark's picture, I can't beleave he really started at the side...but who knows...
    Mark's discription, is it really #160? or a typing mistake???...

  3. That's a very pretty heart! I guess I'll have to go get the pattern and try it out. :-)

  4. Lovely heart, and good practice for pearl tatting. Thanks for the link. I'll give it a go.
    Good idea of Melanie's to start in the middle, then your good idea of a bow will look more balanced and less like a way of avoiding hiding ends! Good idea though. If you're using one colour, you can wind two shuttles CTM, and hide the middle thread at the beginning, then you only have the end threads to hide.

    1. ..haha, Jane, you're totally right with the CTM ;-)...I think I was already sleeping at 9pm when starting the first heart trial, and focusing on the pulling of the corethread the shuttles were as they were ready starting the next ;))...
      Thank you

  5. I have made this heart before. Hiding the ends is difficult. I think I hid some of the ends and sewed the others into the tatting on the back side. Winding the shuttles CTM helped, also. Your hearts are very pretty. I like the bows. Wish I had thought to make little bows on the side. ;-)
    Stephanie W.

    1. ...thank you Stephanie, you can always add a bow everywhere :))...
      happy tatting Gunhild

  6. I Love the bow on the side !!! Haven't tatted this heart yet, but now I can't wait to try it, after seeing your's :-))

    1. Thanks for your visit;-)) and your comment, looks cut , is a little bit tricky, did you try in the meantime?


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