Spring and jumping shuttles

Tatting yesterday - tatting on my spring doily from Iris Niebach I celebrated "Int.Tatting Day " with  chocolate and a cup of hot Cappuccino :))
I changed the foto, this might be clearer:), blogging from my iPhone , needs some experience...


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    1. Hallo Fox, thank you some much for coming by and your compompliment :))

  2. Antworten
    1. Hallo Diana! Thank you :)), I love Iris' pattern, its much fun to tat them, looking forward to your work, since a long time I will come soon for a visit at your blog...

  3. Hallo Jane! Thank you, I have a long time out of tatting land, have to come to your blog next time :))

  4. What a lovely doily, and your colors are beautiful.

  5. Hallo Stephanie, thank you, also for visiting !! Let's see when it is finished ...:))


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