Happy international tatting day ...

... and I share my very easy Easter-tatting-pattern for beginners with you, which I wrote for my very-beginners-tatting-class last week ...
Einfache Oster-Muster für Occhi-Anfänger
... I choosed very easy ways to tat classical easter motifs like rabbits and a little colorful cock, but the difficulty increases a little bit from pattern to pattern :)) .These are tatted in Size 10 thread Lisbeth from Heikina de Ruijter shop.
Please enjoy and kindly leave a comment if you download the pattern in english or german version and give me credits if you show them ...

Links, click to download easter-tatting pattern:

Very Easy Easter-pattern tatting, english version

Leichte Anfänger-Oster-Muster Occhi, deutsche Version

Happy international tatting day
and best wishes from Gunhild


  1. Those are sweet! Good idea for a beginner to be able to create something straight away.

  2. These are so cute !!! Thanks for sharing :-)


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